DFBTC The first BTC cross-chain DEFI application

Ten years to grow, ten years to surpass, before and after 20 years. This is where I see the Internet going. The value network underpinned by blockchain technology has just experienced a decade of growth. The next decade will be the beginning of real qualitative change, the fast track of index level development, and the value network beyond the mobile Internet.
Ten years is both long and short. Mobile Internet development of many applications, they include DeFi, DAO, digital currency and digital assets.
Defi will rebuild the value network.
All the financial infrastructure will be built on DeFi, banks will not disappear, but most of them will become dozens of lines of code that exist on short chains.

The Dao reconstructs the collaborative organization pattern.
All dynamic cooperative organizations exist in the form of DAOs, and limited liability companies become synonymous with impeding innovation.
At that time, the largest number of enterprises were probably large companies (still in Europe and the US), while other large commercial entities were mostly formed by the cooperation of multiple DAOs.
At that point, Bitcoin will be the most reliable digital currency and Ethereum the most reliable digital asset.
First, what are your goals as a company? Is your goal to set up a system to help optimize current DeFi transactions quickly? If so, you just need to optimize for how easy it is for people to get started and how similar it is to the existing system.
DFBTC’s advantage lies in the new Defi model and the huge financial model. It covers almost all centralized finance and realizes transparent, fair and just community governance. Of course, these perfect models take time to look at, and in the future they’ll be big enough.
It won’t be too late to accelerate. Maybe ethereum 2.0 upgrade is a starting point
If your goal is to establish a system for a long time, there may be a huge DeFi ecosystem, I think you should think seriously about what you need, because I think need a lot of things, especially need a high throughput, need speed as fast as possible, composability, parallelism, all will be completely decentralized.
DFBTC economic Model as everyone knows, previous information has explained that DFBTC is BTC across the chain to other main chains to increase liquidity and DEFI investment diversity. Transparent, fair, and just community governance. Of course, these perfect models take time to see, and they will be big enough in the future.
In DFBTC V1, it crosses the chain to the Ethereum mainline and offers diverse DEFI investment options for the community and users. First of all, users can choose to build DFBTC by buying shares, becoming the first DAPP in the whole network to anchor digital assets with double interest, and also the only DAPP in the whole network to anchor digital assets with 100% decentralization.
Recognize that DeFi can reduce risks in the traditional financial system. First, let’s explain some background information. In the roughly 18 months since DeFi’s massive rise, about $80 billion has been invested in DeFi agreements, a huge amount.
DeFi is not without risks.
There is a reason why DeFi has grown so fast and become so important. Every dollar invested in the DeFi platform is a dollar that people have decided not to deposit in a bank or invest in a traditional asset management company. Why is that? Because many people believe that the risk-adjusted return of participating in DeFi is more advantageous than traditional banking or investment services.
In my opinion, the potential here is if you can get a billion people to use a DeFi ecology, if you can get DeFi to $1 trillion in assets, that’s really going to the next level, that’s where the potential is. Can you get 5% or 10% of the world’s activity to happen on blockchain? This is our goal, achieved through the positive application of DeFi.
Even compared to other cryptocurrency markets, DeFi’s explosive popularity was one of the biggest Revelations of the past year. So many innovative and revolutionary new ways to apply blockchain have enabled DeFi to raise its total value to incredible levels.
For a DEFI user who wants to better manage his crypto assets in order to increase risk-adjusted returns, the development of its derivatives requires improved liquidity, incentives and constraints on the expected return of the product, and DFBTC’s DEFI economic model just meets the user’s needs:
Secure a stable income, including Staking and Staking; He can double the interest, users can get BTC and AOM at the same time.
The guarantor node has the corresponding mortgage asset to escrow bitcoin, and can get the escrow fee and the income of the mortgage asset.
Users can choose the deposit business and loan business, such as deposit a high-quality asset can earn interest, need other assets can directly lend other assets.
The value of liquidity mining incentives provided by DeFi derivatives agreements has also generally fallen sharply. Over the past 30 days, DeFi concept tokens have averaged about -18.13% growth, while DeFi derivative governance tokens have averaged -28.08% growth. In addition, of the 16 observed tokens, only two have gone up in price, while the rest have gone down.
The ups and downs in the price of virtual currencies really show us the risks of a digital currency without the support of the real economy. Even with its blockchain aura, bitcoin’s risks cannot be ignored.
DFBTC aims to address BTC’s large volatility risk and the lack of liquidity of high-quality assets across the chain by issuing standard ERC 20 standard digital assets, by adding an anti-risk model, as well as the way to fruct, to resist risk, and to transfer high-quality BTC assets across the chain to Ethereum. The DFBTC uses a 1:10,000 ratio pledge casting to increase the cross-chain application of BTC through DFBTC to make quality crypto assets more efficient.
DFBTC solves decentralized cross-chain with technology, allowing Bitcoin to gain interest assets without loss; Just like you convert bitcoin into fiat currency and put it in the bank to get interest, bitcoin solves zero interest assets through DFBTC and can also get interest assets, so that users’ digital currency assets can be guaranteed and get double income.
In the past decade, the development of mobile applications has been very slow, with no experienced applications. However, in this decade, the whole industry has been doing all kinds of accumulation, including talent accumulation, technology accumulation, capital accumulation, etc., which has led to the booming development of entrepreneurial projects and the emergence of all kinds of excellent mobile applications.
Many comrades believe that the climax of the revolution will come, but they do not believe that it will come soon.
On a four-year scale, we can no longer measure trends in the crypto world.
Four years is a monetary cycle, not a technical cycle.
The development of science and technology is accelerating. The climax of the revolution will come when everything accumulates to the singularity



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