DFBTC New Year AMA Event Q&A Memoir

The following content is all the questions and answers of this AMA

Hello everyone

We are very pleased to invite Engel, a core member of DFBTC, to hold AMA activities with us today

So then let’s start today’s AMA

First of all, welcome Engel to our community

Engel: The amount of work to be done on a daily basis has been unbelievable in recent months. This made us realize that we also need to spend more time telling the community about all our ongoing work. To keep everyone better informed, we will periodically update and publish information about our operations thereafter.

AMA is one of the most effective ways for us to communicate with the community, so we made it our first event of the New Year.

ask:Let us first understand what important things DFBTC has done in the past year?

First of all thank you for participating in the new AMA event, today we will focus on what DFBTC has done, in the past year, we have mainly focused on the underlying protocol,which contains(Node test and Node Launch, BTC cross-chain, Minting, Release test and Launch; Staking test and Mainnet launch, Pools test and Launch),At present, the main functions of our V1 version have been completed,The next step will be to launch the Lending test has been launched on the main network

ask:So what will we mainly do in 2022?

In 2022, the first step will be the test of Lending and the launch of the main network, followed by the test of Swap and the launch of the main network. Q1 will complete lending, and Q2 will complete the launch of the functions of V1 version. After that, we will mainly open the cross-chain bridge and cross-chain to other chains in V2 version. Of course, in the past year, we have focused on the building of the underlying protocol, and this year we will work with more institutions and communities to promote the work.

ask:Nearly 80% of investors only focus on the short-term token price, rather than the true value of the project. Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to hold tokens for a long time?

First of all, everyone needs to understand what kind of underlying protocol DFBTC does and what it does, which is the key. DFBTC mainly does BTC cross-chain and the underlying protocol for BTC cross-chain lending. It is difficult to reflect the short-term currency price when the protocol is not fully open, and it takes time to improve. After all functions are fully opened, its value It will gradually enlarge, and it will enable the fully decentralized management of BTC’s cross-chain custody, which is not done by other protocols today. We believe there will be good returns for long-term holders.

ask:Community support is one of the key catalysts for project success. Do you have any significant plans to attract and expand community outreach and improve user experience?

A community is one of the most important parts of a successful project, and there are many loyal users. We have also been expanding the DFBTC community. We have brought together a number of communities, who are currently preparing DFBTC materials and other publicity efforts, and we encourage those who have the ability to contact us,I believe you will see this effect in the near future.

ask:Transaction fees on Ethereum are currently too high. Is there any solution?

The issue of high fees for Ethereum has always been an issue for the Ethereum network, and we will cross-link to other mainnets on V2 to give users more options, which will also help users choose networks with lower fees to participate in their projects.

ask:Trust is very important in business. What makes investors, customers and users feel safe when dealing with projects

Trust is crucial. DFBTC code is completely open source. From transaction initiation to the whole transaction to the account, the whole process is carried out on the chain, which can be checked on the chain, open and transparent, and cannot be tampered with.

ask:Can it be closely integrated with Web3 and Dao? why? If so, in which direction do you think the combination is most likely?

Absolutely! As the network becomes more decentralized, we encourage users to develop their own DAO community to better help DFBTC’s development, and we will also conduct a lot of exploration in the DAO aspect.

Will the functions of DFBTC be carried out according to the roadmap plan?

Always follow the roadmap plan

ask:Is the project audited? How secure is DFBTC against vulnerabilities that can be exploited?

Auditing is a security measure. Our code is open source and anyone can check it. The security of DFBTC is very reliable, and our technicians in the Defi field are still very confident to ensure its security.

Launch the new year’s promotion ambassador campaign.

Which is open to all community members on a voluntary basis.

The activities are as follows:

All users can publish articles and other information about DFBTC in any media

Develop your own marketing/communication strategy for DFBTC

Start and manage your own community

Build, grow and manage our social media presence (Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, YouTube)

Make sure everything is communicated in the right way about DFBTC to social media, blog posts, announcements

Participate in the DFBTC community daily through custom quality posts and viral media

Post on social media about the role of DFBTC and its follow-up development

Organise and manage community building events with mentions on all social media channels

Timely forwarding of products, governance announcements and news.

We will prepare generous rewards for participating members with tokens worth 200–3000USDT per month

The above is all the questions and answers of this DFBTC New Year AMA




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