Announced DFBTC Community Extension Ambassador Program


In order to solve the high quality asset liquidity of cross-chain trading, we set out to become a passionate team of young technology enthusiasts. In order to solve the problem of huge fluctuation risk of BTC and lack of liquidity of cross-chain high-quality assets, we will resist the risk by issuing standard ERC 20 standard digital assets, increasing the anti-risk model and fruits. So growing up as a DAO was an obvious choice for us.

Now, the DFBTC Ambassador Program is an initiative of the DFBTC Networking Team and its community. The primary goal is to identify, recognize and reward outstanding community members and key opinion leaders who support the DFBTC’s philosophy and vision. Continuing to fuel our quest to build cross-chain trading liquidity and investment resilience, we believe we are closer to our goals than ever before.

In response to DFBTC’s characteristics of being safe and efficient, resisting risks, and increasing cross-chain liquidity, we have created this project with the support of our community and partners, the DFBTC community ambassador promotion plan.

We believe that each promotion ambassador will represent a unique branch and extension of our thinking, and according to our final incentive system, each ambassador will be rewarded.

Benefits of DFBTC Ambassador

Through this program, DFBTC will develop and grow the following skills and assessments:

Increase their interest and knowledge of decentralized finance and cross-chain transaction liquidity.

Able to effectively communicate different technical concepts with many enthusiasts.

Be able to adopt an inclusive, enthusiastic approach and develop relevant social skills.

Share their enthusiasm for what DFBTC Network represents.

Visit the DFBTC Telegram channel to get exclusive insights on the project.

Provide valuable advice for community planning and marketing activities.

You can get AOM related rewards for free.

Most importantly, your time and effort are worthy of the community.

Choose DFBTC community promotion ambassador

You should be selected based on the following conditions:

Encryption knowledge and experience

The drive to learn and try new things

Responsibilities to ourselves and to others

Ability to communicate clearly and carefully

Ability to maintain a positive environment in the cable channel

Enthusiastic and generous in developing DFBTC Network

The service is available for at least 4 hours per day

Responsibilities of DFBTC community promotion ambassadors

Depending on your skills, you can help the project in the following ways:

Running a local community

Write blogs, articles and produce videos

Build awareness on social media channels

Educate community members

Potential collaboration with other projects

Patiently process queries with appropriate resources

Interested parties can contact us by filling out this Google form

For further enquiries, please contact.


Telegraph group:

If you have any questions about this release, please do not hesitate to contact us by cable or yell at @dfbtc on Twitter.

Note that the unique token address is:


About the DFBTC network

DFBTC aims to address the decentralization of BTC cross-chain to Ethereum, increase BTC liquidity by anchoring the issue of ERC 20 standard digital assets, provide value to the Defi on the Ethereum chain, and provide Bitcoin with nondebilitant yielding coins (AOM) through a unique dApp application. DFBTC adopts 1:10000 proportion pledge casting to increase the efficiency of BTC cross-chain application.




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